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Leaves are falling and blocking gutters in Brighton...

Autumn leaves falling in Brighton and Hove, blocking gutters at homes and businesses

At this time of year, wandering around the streets and parks of Brighton and Hove, you can't miss the beautiful colours of the Autumn trees. Children (and adults!) love to click the piles of leaves as they lay on the ground. Gardeners across Brighton will be busy gathering up the leaves covering the garden

But, what about the leaves that don't make it to the ground? They could well be blocking your guttering. You can of course if you are living in a bungalow, get a step ladder out and clear the gutters yourselves.

What if you live or work in a building two storeys or higher? You could always get a ladder if it is long enough. Did you know that every year there are thousands of serious accidents involving people using ladders at home?

So what are the options? You could just ignore your blocked gutters. Blocked guttering can damage your brickwork and cause problems with damp. Alternatively you can always contact a local Brighton gutter cleaning company.

That is going to be expensive, isn't it? Not necessarily. Many gutter cleaning companies now use a gutter vacuum system to clean guttering. This means no ladders or scaffolding, making the cleaning much quicker and less expensive. Some can even show you the guttering on camera so you can see before and after shots of the guttering.

If you are looking for a local Brighton company to clean your guttering, how about contacting Under Pressure Gutter Cleaning of Brighton, for advice or a free quote.

So enjoy the Autumn leaves, but don't neglect the guttering!